“Barbados was amazing!! We loved every minute! Sandals was great, and the resort was beautiful!! So thank you for planning such an amazing honeymoon! We had such an amazing time and everything was so easy because of you! We will definitely be in touch for our next vacation!!”

Ashley and Mike

honeymoon in Barbados

“Ann – you provided excellent guidance for us.  I appreciated that you really had us think about what was important to us when we were selecting the right cruise – and not to totally focus on what other people had to say.  Also – when I asked about excursions – you guided us well in terms of the amount of activity and who else may select to go on certain activities.  THANK YOU for helping to make this a memorable trip for our family!  It really was a trip of a lifetime!”

Clare and Mark

family cruise to Alaska

“Although our trip was just over a three-week span according to the calendar, it feels like my husband and I have been away for months!  Now looking back at the photos and reminiscing about the adventures from the beginning of our trip, the moments already feel like a lifetime ago.  I am so grateful for this feeling and for your expert planning for our travels abroad!!”

Christina and Chris

Belgium / Italy / Greece

“We loved every minute.  Thanks for recommending travel insurance–Elle had an accident on board and had to get stitches, I already have started the claim with the travel insurance–they were very easy to work with”


Disney Cruise

“Thank you for doing such a great job for us!  It really was flawless. You will hear from us again…..I am hoping to plan another European vacation in 2018…I’m not getting any younger!  LOL  Recommending you to everyone I know! “



“Thank you for your help and expertise in another trip of a lifetime. The weather was perfect and we thoroughly enjoyed everything in and out of San Francisco. It was perfect.”

Linda and Fred

California Coast road trip

“Hawks Cay was fabulous !  You are certainly in the right line of business.   We loved it ! You picked the perfect place for us, again! My husband wants to buy a place there!!”

Eileen and Phil

Florida vacation

“It was an amazing trip. I would go back to either city in a heartbeat…thank you for organizing…you have two very happy clients :)”

Jen and Vanessa

girls’ getaway to Reykjavik and Amsterdam

“I wanted to send a true heartfelt THANK YOU for helping us plan our dream honeymoon in Hawaii!! It was unreal!!   We couldn’t have done this without you. Also thank you for the yummy cookies you sent up to our room in Kauai!! “

Jill and James

honeymoon in Hawaii

“We first off we want to thank you so much for giving us excellent guidance for our honeymoon as well as communicating with the general manager in regards to our room and accommodations. We truly appreciate those special steps that you took.”

Kate and Joe

honeymoon in St Lucia

“We can’t believe we’re home from Spain… we had SUCH an amazing trip!!! We couldn’t have asked for anything better and have YOU to thank for it!! So thank you soooo much! We kept talking about how thrilled we were to book through you. We definitely would not have been able to pick such great places for us to stay. We really appreciate all of your time and effort!”

Katie and Ryan

honeymoon in Spain

“Thank you so much! Great recommendation and thank you for booking. We had such an awesome time and had some wonderful memories. My husband, in all his cheapness, immediately stated it was worth every cent within moment of arriving at the Renaissance. 😀”


family vacation to Aruba

“Bottom line—our trip was an unqualified success!  We are very glad we went; we would do it again; and we would recommend it to anyone!  Thanks again for your help putting it together, Ann!! Maybe it’s time to think about planning the NEXT vacation!!!”

Kevin and Sue


“Hi Ann – The vacation was all we could have ever asked for or imagined. We even got engaged!!Thank you for all your help, we had an amazing time and will be contacting you again for our next trip and our honeymoon! We couldn’t be more satisfied with all of your suggestions and assistance”

Kyle and Keith

Punta Cana

“We had a great time on the adventure as always. Thank you once again for your help. Our trips wouldn’t be half as good and planning would be more than twice as stressful without your wisdom!”

Lydia and Tim

Alaska cruise

“It was truly magical, and the logistics were seamless.  We cannot thank you enough for setting it all up in such a way that we really did not have to worry about transportation whatsoever.  It gave all the more time to enjoy the sun, ocean and culture.  All the honeymoon amenities were such a great surprise too – and made us feel so special.”

Nathan and Jackie

honeymoon in French Polynesia