Ever thought about a multi-generational vacation? Wondering what kind of a trip would appeal to everyone from Grandma/Grandpa down to the youngest grandchildren? Read on!

My clients just returned from a fantastic multi-generational trip that combined Seattle and Glacier National Park, and they sent me their candid feedback about how it all worked out:


Everyone called our trip out West the trip of a lifetime.  We loved Seattle and left without getting to do everything we wanted to do.  It is a great town for kids and they were real troopers walking just about everywhere we went.  We adored Montana.  Glacier is a spectacular park.  We hiked just about every day, took every boat ride in the park, rode the red bus to Logan’s Pass on the 4th of July and went sledding in the snow, went horseback riding, visited Waterton in Canada, and sat in front of roaring fires.  Glacier is definitely the most beautiful place I have ever seen. 

Lake McDonald cabins were rustic but very well taken care of and the service was great.  Our only disappointment, and by no means did we let it affect our trip, was Glacier Park Lodge.  The grounds and the lobby were spectacular, however the rooms and the service were plain “sloppy”. 

The car rental went very smoothly and we looked like a secret service convoy with our three Chevy Traverses always following each other.  They were a great size and had lots of space for cousins that wanted to ride together and all our gear. 

The 5 children probably walked 75-100 miles in the 12 days and they were still smiling when we left on Sunday.  All our flights were on time and things went extremely smoothly.  I can’t believe we are back and it’s sad to look out the window and not see the Rockies.  

 – Ginny