I want to share a FANTASTIC letter I received today from some clients who just got back from a self-professed “trip of a lifetime” to Europe.  Their thanks, and the glowing testimonial below, is better than any commission I could earn on a trip.  Best of all, I now have proof that they actually listened and absorbed my message about what it means to be an “escape artist”, and why people should not book their own trips 🙂

May 28, 2009


Beth & I have a hammer and nails at home, but that does not make us carpenters.  We also have a computer and have access to travel planning vacation websites, but that does not make us travel agents.  You were the consummate professional in all of the work you performed for us. You met us at our home to begin the itinerary and tolerated our many changes with the patience of a saint. Thank God that there were no blips in the plans but I am confident that you would have been there to save us.

We were in 5 countries over a two week period which was quite aggressive and with your help we pulled it off.  Thank you for talking us out of Prague because that would have put us over the edge.  Planes, trains and automobiles were always on time and your directions and guidance helped us to get there on time.

We were fortunate to have our son with us for the 2nd week as his German is quite good after five semesters in college.  He helped read train and subway schedules, order off a German only menu and ask questions for us from the locals.

The architecture, culture and scenery were amazing.  Makes one wonder how it all was accomplished so many years ago.  We highly recommend Venice, Florence, Salzburg (our favorite) and Munich.  The train ride from Venice to Salzburg through the Alps has created mind pictures for a lifetime. 

I do have two suggestions for you to share with your clients:

1. When asked for directions, look for people under 30 as they probably speak English and teenagers most likely speak 4 languages.

2. Lay out all the clothes you want to bring, and then cut it in half.  That was our biggest problem, dragging 100 lbs of stuff in each in our suitcases.

Thank you  again Annie for putting together such a memorable trip for us.  At every opportunity, we will refer you to anyone talking about a vacation. 

All the best,

Brad & Beth